This committed group of Phi Phi residents decided to stay within the Phi Phi community, and impressive, fundraising activities were initiated. This, regardless of the fact that they all experienced the tragedy themselves after the tsunami hit the Tonsai Bay. Friends and relatives were approached with requests for donation. Donations through which they ensure pracitical assistance to survivors.

Kay Newton, Sophie Clay, Caroline Leckey, Aegetat Naweewong, Sian Jones, Siv-Hege Jordan and Alana McGowan decided to focus their efforts on the quick establishment of a childcare daycenter. And with result.

With the funds raised, they purchased the required construction material – volunteers of Krabi’s building are about to start the actual development, right next to the Hi Phi Phi meeting point. The speed in which this will be done is by itself impressive: in less then two weeks we should hear little laughters, some tears but above all .. new opportunities.

This facility is highly welcome since it enables parents to concrentrate on rebuilding, while their offspring -currently 46 little ones within the Krabi/Mosque community- is looked after. This initiative is both impressive, and needed urgently.

Photo: the location where the child care facility will be realized.

The Western Residents of Phi Pi know eachother well from the Visa Diving center, where Newton was manager. We are proud what this group has managed to achieve so far! Of course, we’ll keep you updated as soon as new developments occur.

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