The last days, the community received a positive boost from a visit of medical specialists. They arrived together with Thanwahdii Pinmani and a Sikh delegation; the doctors are living in the United States. This team travels throughout the tsunami disaster area to offer help where needed. Most likely they are going to travel onwards to the Andaman Islands.

A large number of residents consulted the two medical specialists, three psychologists, one pharmacist and one industrial engineer. Children with minor injuries received a cartoon bandage, resulting in many happy, happy faces.

“We are very grateful for their support and the tremendous help they are giving”, reports Emiel. “If there is no direct need for medical support, they are assisting all kinds of practical things that need to be done. They will be here for a little while, then they’ll travel on. That we will gonna miss them, that’s for sure.”

Another key¬†visit also highlighted the last days at the center. An official Malaysian delegation, headed by Mr. Yab Dato’ Seri Shahidan bin Kassim, chief minister of Perlis, provided support through goods, but also by listening to the stories of the survivors.

The Chief Minister was very committed to get informed on the consequences of the tsuanmi on this community. But there was more … a team of medical specialists offered their assistance to the Phi Phi people. Their presence is greatly valued.