Meet The Residents

Meet the residents

  • January 11, 2004

This committed group of Phi Phi residents decided to stay within the Phi Phi community, and impressive, fundraising activities were initiated. This, regardless of the…

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Support Needed For Orphans

Support needed for orphans

  • January 9, 2004

Today a substantial number of families that take care of the orphans were visited. It was a sad, sad day. Each story is heartbreaking. Help…

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Soldiers Help

Soldiers Help

  • January 8, 2004

Today it is National Children Day in Thailand. Soldiers helped us with the unloading of supplies. Again fruit was provided, but also some toys and…

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Basic Needs

Basic needs

  • January 7, 2004

We were able to purchase , amongst others, babymilk and fresh fruit at the local market to ensure that the damaged local economy is supported…

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The First Days

The first days

  • January 6, 2004

Together with his Thai friends, Emiel advised where our support would be needed most, both from short- and long-term perspective. In the first days, the…

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