Today, permission was granted – Phi Phi is still in quarantine – to visit the school at the main island of Phi Phi. Together with teacher and local volunteers, the situation was assessed. Not suprisingly, a lot of work must be done. But, it is not a task impossible – with efforts and (your) support this can be realized. The walls and facilities have relavitely survied. Many education materials however, are no longer usable.

Local government officials are currently considering a new location for the Phi Phi school, 15 meters high above the ground to ensure that protection for the future is guaranteed. But, the current location certainly has its benefits – it is quite, hidden and familiar to the children. Reconstruction can be done, but we need your support to do so.

With the results of this visit, the educational staff will judge what is specifically required, what the costs are and how soon reopening is possible. As soon as we have information, we will provide further updates.

Ms. Suk Dii, supervisor, is working hard to ensure that the Phi Phi school can restart as soon as possible.